Krichra Pathyam – Strict do’s and don’ts while on ayurvedic treatment

For ayurvedic medicines to give optimum results, it is necessary to follow certain rules in your life while having the medicines. These are meant to eliminate the causes of diseases and organize your day to day activities, thereby assisting in quicker recovery. Also, the properties of certain medicines mandate that we avoid things which reduce their efficacy. These rules are collectively called Pathyam. There are two types of pathyams – Icha Pathyam (normal, easy pathyam without difficult rules) and Krichra Pathyam (a stricter one with difficult rules, which needs to be religiously followed).

I am listing out the rules for Krichra Pathyam here. If your doctor has recommended to follow them, it would be in your own good interest to follow these for aiding your healing. Please note that if you are on Krichra Pathyam, naturally you are supposed to follow the rules of Icha Pathyam too. Icha Pathyam is to be observed whenever you are on ayurvedic medication, and if it is Krichra Pathyam, you have to take care of extra items too – that’s the way it works. Please read the list of Icha Pathyam rules here if you have not already done so, and move on to the Krichra Pathyam rules given below.

  1. Your room should be isolated, and should not have direct strong air blowing in from outside. Keep door and windows open only when necessary.
  2. Do not walk barefooted on the ground or roam outside your room. If you are advised to walk, use a comfortable footwear.
  3. If your bathroom is outside the house, please cover up yourself properly before going out so that you are not directly exposed to snow, sun or rain.
  4. If you are someone who is on rice diet, take care of the following:
    1. Use only small sized rice.
    2. First, gently fry the rice without oil before cooking.
    3. Once the rice is cool again, wash it properly, and cook with excess water to make rice porridge (kanji)
    4. Drain the excess water, and keep on stove again till the rice becomes dry and ready for serving. Keep a close eye on this process, so that it doesn’t get burned.
    5. Serve this warm (without allowing this to cool)
  5. You shouldn’t fill your stomach with food. Leave some space to aid in digestion, especially since your sick body may not be functioning at its optimum level.
  6. Refrain from using salt. You may, however, use Rock Salt (‘induppu’ in Malayalam) if necessary.
  7. It is best if you can avoid spicy red chilly altogether in your curries. Use pepper instead.
  8. Do not use tamarind (‘valan puli’ in Malayalam).
  9. Always use warm water to drink. Drinking cold water is inadvisable.
  10. Do not take bath unless specified otherwise. You may take sponge baths.
  11. Use milk only in small quantities, or omit totally if possible.
  12. Keep yourself covered in nice thin clothes even while resting indoors, to avoid direct contact of strong winds on your body (for example, from fan)

Even though this is the original list of Krichra Pathyam rules, a competent Ayurvedic doctor may choose to modify it as necessary considering the physical and mental condition of the patient. Mandatorily following these stringent rules if the patient is in a very weak situation may do more harm than good, and hence the advice of a proper authority is invaluable while observing Krichra Pathyam.

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