Know more about traditional postnatal care

Motherhood is a challenging, all consuming, wonderful experience in a woman’s life. No step in this journey is an easy one, whether you are a first time mother or an experienced one. The advantage for an experienced mother is just that you will know in advance what lays ahead of you, whereas a first timer has to stumble her way across and learn during that journey.

Every woman who has ever given birth amazes herself with her decision to do it again. Not because it is a bad thing, but because of the pain, hard work, commitment and love required to successfully bring up another little person in this world. This is true especially for the early days, where you are just recovering from the experience of giving birth. This blog hopes to help you recover effectively using traditional post delivery care methods being implemented in Kerala for centuries.


In Ayurveda, it is said that immediately after delivery, a mother’s body is as fragile as her baby’s. Modern medicine also shares this view, as we now know that all joints and muscles in a mother’s body are relaxed to prepare her for delivery. Proper care should be given post delivery to ensure that her body returns gracefully to the previous state, and that she remains healthy throughout her life. Lapse in doing so have known to result in disorders such as back pain, unmanageable belly fat, muscle and joint pains.

Caring for new mothers include medication, exercise and proper rest. The medicines discussed here are ayurvedic and time tested local ones, since we have lots of support available when it comes to allopathy medicines.

The methods stated here have been refined to suit the modern times. For example, earlier the new mother had to stay outside her home in a separate room for a week immediately after giving birth. Although there might have been valid reasons in the past to do so, they are no longer relevant, and hence this need not be observed now.

Everything discussed here are tried and tested methods applicable in post delivery care. Hope this is useful to you. Read on to the next blogs to find out more.



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