Icha Pathyam – General do’s and don’ts while on ayurvedic treatment

For ayurvedic medicines to give optimum results, it is necessary to follow certain rules in your day to day life. These are meant to eliminate the causes of diseases and organize your day to day activities, thereby assisting in quicker recovery. Also, the properties of certain medicines mandate that we avoid things which reduce their efficacy. These rules are collectively called Pathyam. There are two types of pathyams – Icha Pathyam (normal, easy pathyam without difficult rules) and Krichra Pathyam (a stricter one with difficult rules, which needs to be religiously followed).

I am listing out the rules for Icha Pathyam here. There are 16 rules under this category. It is advisable to follow these rules whenever you are under ayurvedic medical supervision.

You should always:

  1. Use only boiled and moderately cooled water for washing yourself after going to toilet, and bathing. You should refrain from using cold water unless explicitly specified.
  2. Excrete at correct times. Never hold urine and excreta unnecessarily.
  3. Have food at correct intervals. The food should be tasty, warm and consumed in correct quantities.
  4. Consume only vegetarian food – not even egg.
  5. Refrain from sex unless specified otherwise.
  6. Go to bed before 10 PM, unless specified otherwise.
  7. Avoid strenuous tasks or exercises.
  8. Keep yourself away from situations which make you extremely angry or sad.
  9. Avoid direct contact with snow, wind, smoke, sand, rain and sunlight.
  10. Not walk too much, or use non-ventilated vehicles for transportation.
  11. Not talk loudly, read continuously or think hardly.
  12. Not walk, sit or stand for a prolonged period of time.
  13. Not keep your head in a position too low or too high while lying down. Ensure your head rests in correct position. Also make sure that your bed is flat without ups and downs.
  14. Refrain from sleeping during day time. This law is not applicable if you are too tired, couldn’t sleep properly during night, or are in pain.
  15. The room in which you sleep and your home in general and all items associated with you should be kept clean.
  16. Try to avoid the company of people whom you do not like.
  17. Strictly follow the regimen and have correct medicines and food at right times.

Following these rules will keep your body and mind in a pleasant state, and will help you recover from the illness quickly.

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