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We know a lot of women from Kerala who are experts in traditional postpartum care, who would be happy to help you with tending to the new mother and baby with utmost responsibility. If you are interested in booking our services, read on.

Importance of postpartum care

In Ayurveda, it is said that immediately after delivery, a mother’s body is as fragile as her baby’s. Modern medicine also shares this view, as we now know that all joints and muscles in a mother’s body are relaxed to prepare her for delivery. Proper care should be given post delivery to ensure that her body returns gracefully to the previous state, and that she remains healthy throughout her life. Lapse in doing so have known to result in disorders such as back pain, unmanageable belly fat, muscle pain and joint pain. Caring for new mothers include medication, exercise and proper rest.

Babies also need special care during this early phase of their life, as they are very delicate and their bodies are still developing. Handling them properly especially while bathing them is very important, since even a slight mistake would have long lasting impact. This is where traditional experts specifically trained for this task become invaluable.

How to get the right care

If you would like to enlist the help of Kerala style traditional postnatal care experts for newborn and mother, please contact us through the form here. To ensure that you have much needed help at the right time, please book our expert in advance by filling out the below mentioned details. After reviewing your application, we will contact you to discuss the specifics of our contract. After mutually agreeing to the terms and conditions, we will proceed into a formal agreement. Please note that merely submitting an application does not ensure that your request is approved; our service will be guaranteed only after we explicitly inform you about the same.